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Brotherhood of the "Fêlés du Grand Colombier"




In the south of the Jura mountains, the Grand Colombier (1534m high) overlooks lake Bourget and the Rhône river. It is the summit of the Bugey and the cross in its top can be seen from almost everywhere in the region.

For a long time, pedestrians used to enjoy this walk. At the top of the Grand Colombier you can admire: in the East the Swiss Jura, the Mont Blanc range, some Italian peaks, the Vanoise mountains, the Belledonne mountains; in the West expand the mountains of Bugey, the Dombes region and its thousand ponds, the plain of the Ain, the mountains of Beaujolais and Lyonnais, the Pilat mountains and the Rhone valley. We can also see the sparkling waters of the three great alpine lakes (Annecy, Geneva, Bourget). Since the beginning of the 70's, a road allows the passage of the "Grand Colombier pass" (1501m) where a path leads to the cross and to the viewpoint indicator. When the weather is fine, tourists are querring up to this place, which offers one of the best panoramas in the north Jura.

Carte Colombier






carte colombier

Watch the Slopes



In the South-West : Artemare - Virieu le Petit - Granges de Fromentel - Colombier



D 31 - D 69 - D 120

length 15,9 km - slope 1243 m

average slope 7,81 % - maximum slope 22 %

This way is the steepest (19 % over 1,5 km -







12 % average over 4,5 km after Virieu le Petit). The road is often shade by firs.




In the North-East : Champagne - Lochieu - Granges de Fromentel - Grand Colombier





69f - D 69b - D 120

length 19,2 km - slope 1042 m

average slope 6,75 % - maximum slope 14 %

This is








the easiest road. Even if there is a descent in the beginning, don't forget the 14% section after Lochieu. The slope is often in the shade of firs.




In the South-East : Culoz-Carrefour D 120 - D 120a - Grand Colombier



D 120

length 18,3 km - slope 1262 m

average slope 6,89 % - maximum slope 14 %









The road is hewn in the rock, the heat is awful, but the view is wonderful from the very start of the slope. A smooth section halfway up gives time to get breath back between two 14 % sections.



In the North-East : Anglefort-Carrefour D120a - D120 - Grand Colombier




D 120a - D 120

length 15,7 km - slope 1221 m

average slope 7,77 % - maximum slope 14 %








This is the way the least known but the steepest . There is some shade at the beginning and there is a difficult slope without "injury time" that makes it fearsome.




Shops and watering place in the beginning of every face. There are two inns close to the top (one on each face). Fountains in each village and in the Granges de Fromentel.


Michelin roadmap 74, page 5 - IGN Map n°44 or 3330O

By road

¤ From Lyon (90 km) and Bourg en Bresse (80 km): motorway A42, exit Ambérieu en Bugey, then D 1504 and D 904

¤ From Chambéry (50 km) : D 1504 and D 904

By train

Virieu le Grand or Culoz .





The brotherhood of the "Fêlés du Grand Colombier" is open to everyone who is at least 18 years old, climbing, in the same day, two, three or four faces, there and back, of the Grand Colombier by different sides riding (or pushing!) a bicycle propelled by the one and only muscular force..

The rider who achieves :

¤ two ascents (one on each estern et western slopes) will become a MEMBER.

¤ three ascents: MASTER.

¤ four ascents: GREAT MASTER

The cyclist, who hopes to achieve more than four ascents had better should think about it before...!



You will have to send 10€ to the corresponding for the checking card + the certificate .By return of post, the candidate will receive a checking card, he would have it checked off, and he would have to indicate the time when he wants to pass through.


In the stating point of each side :


Stores - Post office - Town hall, etc...

At the top (only one compulsory check)

There is one inn on each side, near the summit.




The equipment must anable you ranging to pass through, several times percentages from 14% to 22%, for slopes as well as for descents (don't forget to check your brakes). Don't forget the lightning if the departure is made by night and prepare some good shoes, they might be very useful ...!




The entrants must respect the highway code and the possible banning of circulation, they must, if it is necessary, possess a lightning in accordance to the norm. Because of the high percentage, it is not advisable to take the descent betwen "les granges de Fromentel" and "Virieu le Petit", so we recommend to go towards Lochieu and to turn on the right when you are in the "Bordézes" to join "Virieu le Petit". The entrants are strictly obliged to possess a National insurance. In the event of an accident, the brotherhood leader's responsability could not be involved. The road is usually open from Easter to the first snows (end of october). If you are afraid of finding snowbound roads, ring the tourist office of Culoz (04 79 87 00 30)




After the return of his stamped checking card, the new member will receive a numbered certificate, which is the proof of his rank inside the brotherhood.





Information in the tourist office :

- of the Valromey -01260 Champagne en Valromey

04 79 87 51 04

- of Culoz -6 rue de la mairie 01350 Culoz

04 79 87 00 30

- of Seyssel - Maison de Pays -

74910 Seyssel -04 50 59 26 56

- of Hauteville , ancienne mairie de Lompnés

01110 Hauteville - 04 74 35 39 73



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